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My wife and I have lived in the Willamette Valley for over 15 years and here is where we have decided to raise our family and grow old.  In 2007, we began to form the vision of what "Universal Shine" would look like and how we can tie our company goals and objectives with giving back to a community that has been there for us.   The more we talked about living the American dream and pursuing our goals, the clearer it became.  We wanted to be in the business of making happy customers by providing a service that would give both them and us, instant gratification.


Universal Shine was born!


At the end of every one of our days, our main goal is to consistently strive and provide the following:


Excellent customer service
Growth & Opportunity to our employees
Provide a good Quality Service
Provide a service at a fair and reasonable price

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(503) 567-2479

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