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Please share the good, bad and the ugly with us!

Hello there, we really and truly value your honest reviews of our work and service.  Our focus here at Universal Shine is you.  Yep, that easy...  We understand that our growth and ability to offer jobs to our local Willamette Valley residents is dependent upon offering an exceptional customer service experience.  Granted, although not perfect, we really do strive to go above and beyond in offering the best we can to make you happy and turn you into a "Forever Customer".


Give us a call and an opportunity to Bedazzle you!

Below are just a few of our client testimonials



Thank you Matt and Universal Shine for making our carpets beautiful on Friday!!

Jessica E.

Salem, OR



I would like to say that from the person answering the phone and scheduling our cleaning to the person who showed up and made it happen, these are professional yet compassionate people.  Thank you to Armando at Universal Shine for making it a point to make sure that my concerns were dealt with.

I can't say enough good things about there quality and fair pricing...  Thanks Universal Shine!

Richard G.

Salem, OR



Universal was very easy to work with...  They cleaned our carpets, charged us a fair price and went above and beyond.  There were stains I thought would never come out but they got em out!  Happy to recommend :)

Jennifer P.

Salem, OR



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