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Carpet Cleaning & Restoring

  • We here at Universal Shine don't like to say we  just clean carpets..  The reality is, our staff really cares about doing a good job for you.  We make sure that we fully utilize our knowledge as well as industry recommended cleaning equipment to provide you  the BEST and MOST THOROUGH carpet cleaning you have ever seen.

  • We don't just say this, visit out picture page to see actual results.  In fact, the picture above is an example of a carpet that was going to be replaced...  Not after we got done.

Upholstery & Area Rugs

  • Similar to the picture to your left of the carpet, this example above is also a real world picture of the Power of Caring

  • Before you toss that chair or couch, give us a shot.  You would be surprised of how we take something from "Rags to Riches".  We will bring the SHINE out.

  • Area Rugs:   Whether they are made of a tough fiber like nylon, polyester or olefin, you can count on us to give your beautiful area rugs a deep cleaning.


House Keeping - Res/Comm


Whether it is a reoccuring clean you would like or you have a moveout pending, We are here to make it shine for you or get it ready for new tenants or home owners, this is where we SHINE!

  • Our employees are trained in the art of detail cleaning if that is what you are needing or if a touch up is what you'd like, then touching up is what we do.

  • What we charge?  Hard to tell as every home is different and every customer's needs are unique.  We will provide you wwith a walk through in order to generate a custom price for your home.  We're competitive, professional and EFFICIENT!

Pet Odor & Specialty Stain

  • Sometimes our wonderful bundles of joy and energy, take care of business inside of our homes.  The reality is its difficult to detect this until it's too late.

  • Well, using Ultra Violet technology, moisture meters and our good ol nose, we identify any affected areas and use a 3 stage cleaning process to remove and neutralize the odor causing bacteria from the area leaving a beautifully smelling FRESH carpet.

  • How about PESKY RED STAINS?  We got those covered as well.

  • Nail Polish, Permanent Marker?  We can zap those as well. 

Tile Cleaning

  • Tile is such a beautiful and resilient floor.  It gives us many many years of use and is in some ways easy to clean.  However, grout on the other hand, is where tile gets hairy. 

  • We recommend hiring a professional (Universal Shine) at least every 24 months to provide a deep clean and rejuvenate your tile and grout.

  • Grout is a porous material and naturally attracts grease, grime and bacteria that is virtually impossible to clean unless you have us on your side.

  • Using a 3 stage cleaning process, we will leave your tile and grout looking like NEW.  Our equipment is top of the line, our water is nearly 300 degrees and cleaning solutions are to die for :)

Emergency Water Extraction

  • We never expect this to happen, We never want this to happen, but if it does, Universal Shine is here to save you. 

  • Using truck mounted extraction equipment, Universal Shine provides IICRC certified water technicians to respond in your time of need.

  • We extract the standing water

  • Map out the affected areas using top of the line moisture meters and experience.

  • Provide drying equipment to stabilize the structure and get it ready to rebuild if necessary.

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